Press Release


Ruth Hieronymi welcomes today's decision on the Audiovisual Media Services directive by the Council
  24.Mai 2007

European Media Model is saved for the Future!

"In record time the course has been set for the future of Europe's electronic media, in order to safeguard the European media model", welcomed Ruth Hieronymi, the EU-Parliaments rapporteur today's approval of the common position on the audiovisual media services directive, which has been prenegotiated with the Parliament, by the media ministers of the EU.

"For most issues, the Parliament has been able to achieve its demands in cooperation with the EU-Commission and the Council," explained Ruth Hieronymi, "this applies especially for the up-dating of the scope for TV-like media services, safeguard of the Country of Origin Principle and pluralism, strengthening protection of minors, better access to audiovisual media services for people with disabilities, safeguard of a European-wide right for short reporting, obligation to independent regulatory bodies, better control of advertising aimed at children. "

"I expect, that this text, which the Culture Committee has approved with a huge majority of EPP-ED, PSE and Liberal (ALDE) group, will be adopted by the Parliament in 2nd reading in September 2007, said the EPP-ED-rapporteur.


:Ruth Hieronymi (EVP-ED/CDU)