TV without frontiers directive strengthens media diversity, avoids pure commercialisation. Ruth Hieronymi MEP
  13.December 2006

The European Parliament's rapporteur on the television directive, Ruth Hieronymi (EPP-ED,DE) has called the outcome of today's vote on the future of television in Europe a "real success". "Despite all attempts to turn the television of the future into a purely commercial product, we successfully secured political majorities. The freedom of information and diversity of opinions cannot be protected by purely economic means", said Ruth Hieronymi.

Regardless of the platform - whether Internet or mobile phone - television will not be regulated by the market alone. The protection of minors, consumer protection, better access for disabled persons to audiovisual media services, and the promotion of European content would be ensured by the new directive, the rapporteur continued.

At the same time the directive creates conditions to successfully market television media in Europe. Hieronymi explained: "Information needs a Europe without borders. We now have a European market for the development of new media services, which at the same time safeguards the cultural traditions of EU Member States".

The introduction of product placement was a "painful compromise", she continued. "Now it is essential to secure the European tradition of separating editorial content from advertising by clearly demarcating the two. The proposals by the European Commission and the Member States are not yet sufficient, because the European Parliament has decided to clearly mark product placement in each transmission", the German MEP concluded.




Source:Ruth Hieronymi (EVP-ED/CDU)

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